(Q) I want to compost at home, can EarthServ help with that?

(A) Yes, we can help. We offer compost coaching to people who would like to compost at home, we can even build you a bin. Simply send us an email to get started.
My bucket and/or lid was lost, stolen, destroyed, etc. what do I do?

(A) In the event that your bucket and/or lid was lost, stolen, destroyed, etc. you must go to our website (in the products section.), select the correct item(s) and pay the fee to reimburse EarthServ for the replacement of the bucket and/or lid.

(Q) I forgot to set my bucket out in time for the pick up/swap, will EarthServ come back and pick up/swap our bucket at a different time or day?

(A) If you contact us and we are still in your area we can return and pick up/swap your bucket at no charge. If we have left the area or it is a different day and you want your bucket picked up/swapped, you will need to go to our website and pay for a return trip, which is in the products section of our website.

(Q) How do I cancel my service?

(A) We will hate to see you go but in the event that you want to cancel your service, simply contact us and we will issue you a refund* for the remaining/unused pick up days.
*Buckets, lids, containers, etc. will need to be picked up by us before a refund is issued.